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Why hanging is so important ?

The Profound Art of Hanging: A Body-Mind Specialist's Perspective

As a body-mind specialist devoted to exploring the intricacies of human well-being, I am captivated by the transformative power of hanging from a bar several times a day. Beyond a simple exercise, this seemingly humble practice unveils a treasure trove of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, bestowing upon us the keys to vitality, strength, and an elevated state of being. In this enlightening journey, we shall unveil the significance of this practice, delving into the profound art of hanging—a gateway to enhanced health, inner balance, and overall well-being.

A Return to Primal Wisdom

Hanging from a bar echoes the primal instincts of our ancestors—a reflection of our innate desire to connect with nature and the world around us. This practice harkens back to a time when humans interacted more intimately with their environment, engaging in natural movements that harmonized body and mind.

In modern times, amidst the confines of sedentary lifestyles, hanging serves as a poignant reminder of our roots—a gesture towards reclaiming our primal wisdom and bridging the gap between our evolutionary past and our current existence.

Unlocking the Magic of Decompression

The act of hanging holds within it the magic of decompression—a therapeutic release for our spine and joints. As we suspend ourselves from a bar, gravity gently stretches and elongates our vertebrae, creating space between each disc. This decompressive force nurtures spinal health, alleviating compression-related issues and promoting proper alignment.

Moreover, hanging rejuvenates our shoulder joints, mitigating the impact of prolonged sitting and desk work. This delightful moment of decompression brings us closer to the realms of fluid movement, easing stiffness, and granting us the gift of pain relief.

Nurturing Muscular Strength and Endurance

Beyond the enchantment of decompression, hanging empowers us with increased muscular strength and endurance. As we hold our body weight from a bar, we engage our upper body muscles—particularly the arms, shoulders, and back. This full-body effort develops a robust musculature, enhancing our capacity to perform daily activities with grace and ease.

The act of hanging also nurtures our grip strength—a quality often overlooked but essential for various physical tasks and sports. In the realm of body-mind connection, the strength we cultivate through hanging mirrors the inner fortitude required to navigate life's challenges with resilience.

A Journey of Mindfulness and Focus

Hanging unfolds as a meditative journey—a pathway to mindfulness and focused presence. As we suspend ourselves in space, we are drawn into the present moment, leaving behind the clutter of thoughts and distractions. This mindful state of being connects us with the sensations of our body, the rhythm of our breath, and the gentle sway of the bar.

Through this sacred practice, we nourish our minds with clarity and poise. The art of hanging becomes an embodiment of mindful movement—a dance between body and mind, unfolding with intention and grace.

An introduction to working with pain

Let's put it mildly "hanging from a bar isn't easy" and as a matter of fact it is often painful for the grip. This is when breathing kicks in, and it should, to help you stay a few seconds more. The more you go into the breathing as suggested in many of the T.R.U.S.T. program's exercices, the easier it will become for you.

This is a gift for life that you are offering to yourself. Your newly born ability to use your breath when times go hard will become more and more a part of you and will kick in everytime you need it.

Elevating Emotional Well-Being

The joy of hanging transcends the physical realm, touching upon the realm of emotional well-being. This practice releases endorphins—the body's natural mood enhancers, infusing us with feelings of joy and serenity. The delight of hanging suspends us in a moment of liberation—a sense of freedom that transcends the constraints of daily life.

Embrace the Art of Hanging

In conclusion, the art of hanging stands as a sacred invitation—a calling to embrace our primal wisdom, to decompress and liberate ourselves, and to nurture our physical, mental, and emotional realms. As a body-mind specialist, I wholeheartedly advocate this practice—a profound gift to ourselves, bestowing us with vitality, strength, and inner harmony.

Embrace the bar as a doorway to self-discovery—an opportunity to reconnect with the essence of our being. Hanging multiple times a day becomes a transformative ritual—a journey that unites body, mind, and spirit, elevating us to the realms of enhanced health, well-being, and the joyful art of living.


The T.R.U.S.T. program, when done properly, is a powerful form of training to become more resilient and better manage daily pressure.

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