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Why is nose breathing so important?

The Underestimated Power of Nasal Breathing: A Body-Mind Therapist's Perspective

Breathing is an activity we seldom scrutinize, yet the method we employ has striking implications for our overall health. In his critically acclaimed book "Breathe," James Nestor emphasizes the same, particularly spotlighting the role of nasal breathing in dental and jaw health. It is well known in the Russian Martial Art community that it is super important to breathe with the nose, sepcifically when inhaling but why? So, let's delve deeper into why this seemingly mundane act deserves our attention.

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The Nuanced Science Behind Nose Breathing

First, let's demystify a common misconception: Not all breathing is created equal. When you breathe through your nose, you are essentially turning your air intake into a multi-stage process. Your nose not only filters and humidifies the air but also warms it, preparing an optimized mix for your lungs. Adding to this, nitric oxide produced in the nasal passages facilitates better oxygen absorption and circulation. According to Nestor, this has profound implications for facial development, affecting jaw alignment and dental health.

The Neurological Tranquility: Nasal Breathing and the Nervous System

Ever feel like your internal state is in overdrive? Nasal breathing could be the antidote. When you breathe through your nose, you engage the parasympathetic side of your autonomic nervous system, often referred to as the "rest and digest" system. Contrast this with mouth breathing, which tends to activate the stress-induced sympathetic system. In simple terms, nose breathing is akin to a natural stress-relief button.

Mindfulness in Motion: The Cognitive Benefits

While the act of breathing may seem purely physiological, its impact spills over into the mental realm. Paying deliberate attention to the sensation of the air entering and exiting your nostrils can, in effect, serve as a form of mindfulness practice. This heightened awareness can offer a reprieve from the daily mental clutter and enhance overall focus. Being super conscious about the way you breathe offers you the chance to stay connected with your autonmous nervous system. This central system in our body rarely respond to words or thoughts so one way to interact with it would definitely be the way your breathe.

Energize Thyself: The Connection to Vitality

If you're pondering over how to elevate your energy levels, nasal breathing might offer an unexpected solution. Rooted in practices like pranayama, nose breathing is recognized as a foundation for exercises designed to control and enhance your vital life force, thereby optimizing energy flow within your system.

Promoting Nasal Health: An Often Ignored Benefit

Routine nasal breathing also fortifies the health of your nasal passages and, by extension, your immune system. This is no trivial matter, especially given the link between a healthy nasal environment and improved olfactory senses.

Beyond Breathing: Health Implications You Didn't See Coming

Nasal breathing has been associated with improvements in a wide range of health conditions, from anxiety and hypertension to sleep disorders and chronic respiratory problems. The aforementionned boom "Breathe" further accentuates this, underlining its role in oral health and reduced risk of dental issues.

In Summary

Nasal breathing transcends the act of merely inhaling and exhaling; it presents itself as a multifaceted tool for better health, mental clarity, and emotional tranquility. The findings presented in the book "Breathe" offer additional weight to this argument, urging us to shift our focus towards nasal breathing as a cornerstone of overall well-being.

By consciously choosing to breathe through your nose, you are not just participating in a biological function. You are actively partaking in a health-optimizing practice that yields tangible benefits across various facets of human wellness. So, the ultimate question is: what are you waiting for to start practicing this natural and amazing way to breathe in if it is not yet the case?


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